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With some assault crimes carrying mandatory prison sentences, the need for seasoned legal representation is critical. Many cases involve self-defense. However, overzealous prosecutors insist on filing assault charges. The legal team at O'Brien, Thomas & Bibik, LLC, possesses comprehensive experience in trying assault cases in behalf of clients with two of our attorneys once serving as prosecutors.

Lakewood Assault Crime Lawyers Building Strong, Fact-Based Criminal Defenses

At O'Brien, Thomas & Bibik, LLC, we protect the rights of clients dealing with life-changing criminal matters. An assault crime does not have to involve a physical fight or attack. Harassment can be charged as a form of assault as well. Regardless of the nature or severity of your crime, our attorneys can help get to the facts in building a strong defense.

The lawyer you choose makes a difference. Three of our criminal defense lawyers have been included on the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers. All members of our legal team have also been included in the Colorado Super Lawyers list. Our attorneys also enjoy high Avvo ratings.

In many cases, acts of self-defense led to an arrest for assault. Many clients come to us believing that imminent danger of serious bodily harm or death existed for themselves or another person. The only way to prevent that harm or death was to use force.

Regardless of what led to your assault charges, we focus on protecting your rights, including the right to defend yourself or others. While plea bargains are common, our legal team is composed of trial lawyers who do not shy away from the courtroom. Whether we negotiate or litigate, we pursue the best outcome on your behalf.

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