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At O'Brien, Thomas & Bibik, LLC, we focus on the following areas of our criminal defense practice:

Sex offenses — The allegation of a sex crime ruins reputations. The conviction of a sex crime impacts freedoms and futures. Our job is to minimize the impact and pursue the best outcome on behalf of our clients facing serious, lifetime penalties.

Domestic violence and restraining orders — If the police respond to a domestic violence allegation, an arrest will occur. Jefferson County residents accused of violence or threats of violence against a spouse or significant other require immediate representation.

Drug crimes — Law enforcement employs vast resources in their pursuit of drug-related arrests for distribution and possession. An experienced Denver criminal law attorney at O’Brien, Thomas & Bibik, LLC, is necessary to even those odds and protect rights.

I want to express my appreciation for all you have done for me. It makes an already bad situation so much easier to go through and cope with when there is someone on your side. It has been a great feeling knowing someone has even a little faith in me, especially with the record I’ve accumulated over the years. Thank you for everything, Candy K

DUI and traffic violations — In addition to fines and possible jail time for DUI, the Department of Motor Vehicles often suspends driver’s licenses if an administrative hearing is not scheduled in a timely manner. Points against a driver’s license for drunk driving or speeding not only impact the legal ability to drive, but can also significantly increase insurance rates.

Assault crimes — Many assault convictions carry mandatory prison time. Many cases involve self-defense, mandating the help of a criminal defense lawyer to build a strong, fact-based defense of the serious allegations.

White collar crimes — Accusations of white collar crimes can destroy professional reputations before any court appearance or conviction. Promising careers can come to a sudden end without thorough investigations conducted by an experienced attorney and forensic accounting investigator.

In addition to the above areas of practice, we also represent clients needing help with personal injury claims.

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